Wednesday, July 26, 2006

30 Days and this is all I have to show for it?

Wow, yeah, so it's been 30 days since I updated ya'll. Mhhmm. Yeah, I'm not sure what I was doing, probably just sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and watching Lifetime. Oh wait, that's the dream I should be having right now, if I were actually sleeping--which I should be. But no, I'm wide awake and sitting in my dark kitchen typing on the laptop (trying to save some electricity--of course I do realize that this laptop takes way more juice than the floor lamp to my left but whatever, I'm trying...).

Let's see in the past month:

1. Went to my sister's wedding. Yep, my baby (and only) sister got herself hitched to a wonderful boy (I suppose I should call him a man since he's married and stuff...). I took a bunch of pictures which you can see here. And, before you ask, I'm only in a few of them because I WAS TAKING THE PICTURES. Rest assured, other people took photos as did the photographer and I'm pretty sure I got into at least a few of them, which I will share with you when I get them. Feel free to comment, particularly if you can think of titles for the last 10 pictures or so--I uploaded them pretty late at night and I just can't be witty after midnight unless I've been drinking. And no drinking after midnight on a Weds, unfort.

The wedding was beautiful, the couple was happy and in love and it seemed like they got a pretty good haul in the gift department. And so did I--well not really, I actually just HAULED the presents from the reception site to the car and then from the car to the house.
It was hot in PA but not as hot as it's been here in the last few weeks. The wedding was at my parents' church and the reception at the local Jewish Community Center (as an aside, when I was home in May I went to the JCC with my sister for a final look-see and casually mentioned that I worked at the Skirball in LA--Yeah, I got the full-on tour after that!). Other than a few minor mishaps--seriously, I don't think it would be a wedding without some tiny, last-minute crises--everything went just wonderfully. I had a few dress issues though. The bridesmaid dress was in junior sizes and apparently my hips and bust (ha! yes, feel free to laugh, I am aware that the only bust I have to speak of is courtesy of Victoria's Secret and their well-placed wires and elastic) are not in "junior proportions." I vaguely remember mentioning this to the saleswoman back in December but she apparently didn't hear me.... So the dress was a bit tight. Well, actually it was so tight that I was worried I wasn't going to be able to take a deep enough breath to get through the one-page reading I was giving during the ceremony. And I only ate about 2 bites from my plate at the reception before my dress hit maximum capacity. I was complaining about the boning in the dress and how it was cutting into my hips when my cousin goes " is it maybe too tight because you're expecting?" Ha! I said "oh that is so definitely not it." It seems that when you have been married for 2 years, people expect you to start popping out kids. Sorry folks, no popping here anytime soon. And by soon I mean never. Seriously, I do not have the energy for children.

2. I've been working. Two jobs. At the same place. I've been both an Administrative Assistant and a pseudo-librarian for a few weeks now. It's been fun. No really, I have enjoyed it but I'm phasing out the Admin work as the library project heats up. Each day I think I breathe in about a pound and a half of dust just moving the books around--or at least that's my explanation as to why none of my shorts fit. I've found like 20 books I want to read as I sort the books but I'm not sure how to squeeze them in....

3. Yep, I'm still in school. Well, actually I'll be out of school in about 3 weeks but then two weeks after that I'll be in school again. I know, hard to keep up. Just assume that I am in school until I say otherwise. I've had some marathon reference scavenger hunts for my research class. The good news: I finally went to Central Library and it is beautiful. The bad news: I had to miss a day of work, walk about 6 blocks in the heat and then spend 5 hours in the library, running from floor to floor looking for the answer to a very important question: "What is the most landed on space on a Monopoly board?" Well, thank god I found the answer because I don't know how anyone would have slept if I'd have failed my mission. But YOU have to wait until my next post to find out what it is...

4. CNN-crafting news nuggets:
a. I've been working on this brown skirt forever and still not done. It's for me so it merely gets a purple flag (ha, ha, office joke for those of you who are regular users of Outlook).
b. I finished a purse for my mom for her birthday--first time I crocheted something without a pattern--I'll put pics up soon, I promise.
c. Crocheted a hat for my friend Grady's birthday. And of course I forgot to take a picture of the hat and him in the hat. I am so bad at that! I hear he's been wearing it a lot so one of these days I'll corner him and snap a photo.
d. Finished a ladies small size sweater for the Afghans for Afghans drive, unfortunately not in time for their current deadline so it will be going in the closet until their drive at the end of September.
e. I'm still working on some other projects--I have a few things I'm doing for people at work or as I keep saying "I'm taking in piecework to supplement my income"
f. I just started a pair of mittens for the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation--I found them on yahoo groups. Check them out, they are looking for a lot of different things and not just wool, like the Afghans for Afghans, which can get to be expensive.
g. tried to get to SnB, but not as much as I'd like to!

5. Went to a Flaming Lips concert with Michele, Mark & Darcy. Loads of fun even if it was hot and sticky at the Hollywood Bowl. Check out Michele & Darcy's pictures on their blogs because I am so lame--I totally thought cameras would be verbotten.

6. Sleeping--I'm gonna get on that one right now! She says as two cop cars go by her house and a helicopter shines a giant searchbeam into her kitchen (Damn, did Tristan not pay that parking ticket he got in May?) Oh, gotta love LA and their stupid car chases. I swear this happens at least once a week...I have got to update more frequently--it's so hard to squish everything into one post.