Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My newest obsession

A few months ago Tristan and I were shopping for a new dining room table so we decided to go to Venice Blvd and see if there was something suitable at Levitz or one of those other furniture stores in that area. We parked across the street from the store and when I got out of the car I turned around and fell in love. No, I'm not leaving my husband. I fell in love with a car.Yes, you read correctly, this girl who HATES to drive fell in love with a CAR. But not just any car. No it was a pristine white Karmann Ghia. A who with the what-now? Yeah, that's what I said when I read the name scrolled near the tire.

(photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

It is just too cute. Really. Don't you think I'd look cute in this car, tooling around town or zipping down the coast? I just have a few things to do before I'm ready to buy one:

1. Figure out how to drive a stick. I've never tried it but how hard can it be? I multi-task a thousand times each day, surely I could handle driving with both feet...

2. Learn about car repair because apparently these babies need a lot of TLC but like human children, they look so damn cute that you forget about the bodily misfunctions and the disconcerting noises....

3. Pick out which color I want and then try to find one on ebay. Preferably find one in a city close to where friends or family live so that I can squeeze in a visit when I fly out to pick up my new car (see multi-tasking yet again!)

4. Pick out a fabulous scarf and big dark glasses (should I decide to go with a convertible)

5. Think up a plucky yet lady-like name for my new transportation

6. Stop hating driving (this may involve moving out of LA but it's a small sacrifice to pay for a pretty car)

7. Graduate from school, get a full-time job and finish some of my knitting/crafting projects before I pick up this new "hobby."

Oh, the best part? They are starting on ebay for between $500-$1000 and most are selling for less than $5,000.

Good night all, I'm off to dream about myself behind the wheel of a sporty little number....