Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oh Baby, that was a bad idea

Last night I decided to take the night off from schoolwork and veg out on the couch. It was also a good opportunity to catch up on the 7 bazillion catalogs I've received in the last few weeks when I've been too busy to really sort the mail except to pull out the bills. Catalog number 7 was a makeup catalog that I have no idea why I get--can't say as I've ever actually ordered anything from it but it has been following me around the country on my various moves. It offers a variety of discontinued and hard to find brand name cosmetics--including a few "relaxation tools" for women that seem a bit scandalous when juxtaposed with wrinkle cream and eyebrow-shaped wax strips. They also have a huge selection of perfumes--mostly of the "old lady" variety. But there was one that flashed me back to middle school--Love's Baby Soft. I had no idea they still made this stuff. When I was about 12 or so every girl in my class had a bottle of this stuff, in one of its variations--I think there was a blue one, a green one, the original pink one and a yellow one. I had the green which I think was called "Rainforest Rush" or some other such nonesense. At the time, we all thought these were so cool but looking back I really wonder about this perfume. See, Love's Baby Soft smells like baby powder, like a baby's behind if you will. I suppose it was fine for adolescent and prepubescent girls to wear this stuff and maybe that's the age group they were marking it to. But really, did any woman of dating age really wear this stuff? Picture a lovely date and at it's end, the guy leans over to kiss his date and she smells like BABY! Wouldn't that send most men running away in a panic? She's got a kid! Or she really wants a kid! Something along those lines. Doesn't seem like a good way to get a second date. Totally ridiculous train of thought, yes, I know, but I'm too burned out to tackle the important issues at this moment in time. I am voting on Tuesday, though. I might be up all night cramming with the voter book that explains the propositions just so that I can pick the right ones on Tuesday morning. Don't forget to vote! Because if you don't vote you don't get that cool "I voted" sticker which means people won't look at you as "an informed, politically active intellectual" which we all aspire to be, right?